In the last decade, China has emerged as a new superpower, competing with the Western world across various fields. Both India and China share many similarities, as they are the most populous countries in the world. Since 2013, studying MBBS in China has become increasingly popular among Indian students.

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About China

China is the world's third greatest country and has the most significant population. Moreover, China holds countless attractions for sightseers to investigate. China is among the most traditional developments alongside the Babylonian, Mayan, and Egyptian. There has been accurate documentation of China's set of experiences for over 3,000 years.

China is in the top 5 biggest countries on the planet. China is the world's third-biggest country by domain and has the most significant population. It is also one of the longest-running civic establishments with its exciting and appealing society. China -one of “the Four Ancient Civilizations”. China is among the most antiquated human advancements alongside the Babylonian, Mayan, and Egyptian. There has been accurate documentation of China's set of experiences for over 3,000 years.

China Enjoys Great Diversity in Geography. Tibet is the most elevated spot in China. China has the most elevated point on the planet: Mount Everest 8,848m (29,029 ft), just as the third least misery on the planet: Turpan Depression - 154m (- 505 ft).

China additionally has the most orders, adjoining with 14 nations: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and North Korea. Discover more about China's neighbors and their impact on China and the other way around.

China has been the world's fastest developing economy throughout the previous 30 years (10% or more each year). It is presently the world's second-biggest economy, its 2016 GDP being 11.4 trillion USD. Chinese is the starting point of the lone enduring pictographic composing framework. It is regularly accepted to be the world's generally spoken and generally complex to-learn first language.

Key Facts about Education in China

  • The Chinese education system has the largest state-run education system in the world.
  • The Literacy Rate in China is over 99%.
  • The number of higher-education institutions in China has more than doubled in the past decade, from 1000+ to more than 2,250.
  • China has over 1.2 Million IT professionals and is adding 4 Lacs technical graduates each yearChina ranks #1 in the world followed by India and the United States (US).
  • 7 Chinese Universities Ranked in the Top 100 and 157 in the Top 1000 List of QS World Ranking

Why Study MBBS in China?

  • Throughout the long term, the medical education of China has pulled in students. Every year, numerous students travel to China for their medical education.
  • The nation is medically progressing to show the new techniques.
  • There are 45 NMC affirmed Government colleges.
  • The colleges rank high on a worldwide scale.
  • A simple admission procedure with no selection test
  • China medical university is inexpensive
  • Colleges offer grants to commendable students.
  • Everyday costs are reasonable.
  • The medium of guidance in English
  • The course length for MBBS in China medical university is 5+1 year (counting one year of medical practice)
  • The entry-level position finished in China is legitimate in India.
  • Tremendous worldwide openness
  • China is a created country, and the colleges have the elite framework to bring to the table their students.
  • Numerous Indian students previously studying MBBS in China medical university make a feeling of unity for the recently showing up students.
  • MBBS degrees granted in China are universally acknowledged
  • The different culture of China gives learning freedoms to students.
  • Travel associations between the two nations are all created since we are neighbors.
  • China is a protected nation to live in.

Popular Programs in China

At present, there are almost 23 Thousand Indian students in China pursuing various programs in Chinese Universities, and 8000+ are pursuing the MBBS program. Some of the most Popular Study Programs among Indians in Chinese Universities are

  • Medicine (Bachelor)
  • Engineering (Master)
  • Research Program

Why Study MBBS in China

There are numerous advantages to studying in China’s Medical Universities for Indian students. A few are mentioned below-

  • China is the most affordable option among all the destinations for MBBS Abroad.
  • Quality of Education is far superior to any other options in a similar budget like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, etc.
  • MBBS Course in China fulfills all the New NMC guidelines set for Licensing Exam in India (NExT)
  • MBBS Course Syllabus and Subjects in China are very similar to India.
  • Clinical exposure in terms of Patient in-flow & out-flow is even higher than in India.
  • The infrastructure in Chinese Medical Universities is far ahead of any Government (Public) and Private Medical Colleges in India.

Barriers to Studying MBBS in China

Although there are numerous advantages to studying MBBS in China, at the same time there are certain challenges faced by Indian students during their studies. A few such hardships are cited below-

  • English literacy is very less in China, hence conversation in daily public life is a major issue.
  • The Chinese mainland is almost encircled by the seaside, which makes it dependent on Seafood. As a result, their food habits differ from Indian food habits, hence, finding Vegetarian food is quite hard.
  • China owns a different set of social networking platforms, website navigation, and messaging apps. Hereby, it takes time to acquaint with these. 

Is studying MBBS in China a good option for Indian Students?

If we compare the pros and cons of completing MBBS in China, it would be still a better choice than countries with a similar budget. The student should consider that they need to stay in China for simply 6 years; however, the language barrier and food concern remains the same in all the countries. Nonetheless, the idea of studying at China’s Medical Universities can turn out to be a beneficial experience for the students in the long run. 

Indian Food and Hostel Accommodation in China

Almost all Universities provide on-campus accommodation for their students.

  • Many Universities have separate hostels for Girls and Boys, however, few of them have common also, but their floors are separate.
  • No Mess facilities are available in the hostels; Students are expected to cook themselves.
  • A common kitchen is provided in every hostel where students can prepare food.
  • Washing machines are placed in Common Laundry rooms. Students can avail of them without any additional cost.
  • All the hostels are under CCTV surveillance, there is always a warden or caretaker in the hostel on 24x7 basis.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in China

  • Students must be NEET Qualified. 
  • Different universities may ask for different NEET scores.
  • Generally, the criteria are 60% or more in 10+2 Grade (or even higher in top-ranked Universities). 
  • Age should be minimum of 17 Years.
  • Most Universities conduct an Online Exam or Interview to assess the candidate.

MBBS Admission Process in China

Before 2019 (pre-COVID-19), universities in China were in high demand, with over 10 applications per seat on average. While most foreign universities only require a NEET qualification and a 50% score in 12th grade, Chinese universities were more selective. They set higher NEET score and grade requirements to enroll only the best candidates. If you're considering China for your MBBS studies, start the application process early, or you may end up in a lower-ranked university. Here's the ideal timeline for applying to a Chinese university for an MBBS course.

Check the table below for the ideal timeline to apply to Chinese Universities.

Stages Time Lines
Application to University Mar-July
Issuance of Admission Letter 3-4 weeks
Issuance of JW202 by the Ministry of Education, China 4-6 weeks
Visa Stamping 3 weeks
Travel to the University 2/3 Week Sept
Commencement of the Classes 1st Oct 2023

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in China

  • Attested copy of 10th & 12th transcripts (Notary Public, Education Ministry, India)
  • NEET Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Police Verification Certificate (For VISA Purpose)
  • Bank Statement (For VISA Purpose)
  • Medical Fitness certificate (For VISA Purpose)
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